Lessons from the Holocaust: History for Contemporary Learners

What can we learn from the events leading up to and culminating in the Holocaust? How did the Nazis gain control of Germany and use their power to commit the greatest crime of the 20th century? What are our responsibilities as witnesses to this history?

Join a community of learners from across Minnesota and the Dakotas to explore these questions, and much more. This flexible 15-course program allows participants to choose which classes to attend.

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Fall 2020 Course Recordings

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Week 1
Oct. 26 European Jewish Life Before WWII 
Oct. 27 Antisemitism History
Oct. 28 Rise of Nazism
Oct. 29 Power of Propaganda
Oct. 30 Collaboration & Complicity
Week 2
Nov. 2 Role of Law & Conformity
Nov. 3 Challenges of Emigration & Immigration
Nov. 4 Holocaust by Bullets
Nov. 5 Wannsee Conference & The Final Solution
Nov. 6 Americans & the Holocaust
Week 3
Nov. 9 Rescue & Resistance
Nov. 10 Liberation & Displaced Persons
Nov. 11 Survivor Descendent Testimony
Nov. 12 Bearing Witness
Nov. 13 Contemporary Issues

Most courses taught by Kristin Thompson, educational consultant, and former Education Program Coordinator for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), and JCRC staff.

All lessons will utilize primary resources and meet Minnesota social studies standards.

Presented by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas and sponsored by Otto Bremer Trust, The Beverly Foundation, The Oren and Sharron Steinfeldt Foundation, Allianz of America, Tankenoff Families Foundation, and The Kelen Family Foundation.