JCRC Affirms Dismay With Prime Minister Netanyahu and Otzma Yehudit

February 26, 2019

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas affirms today’s letter from our national partner, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressing dismay that the discriminatory and anti-democratic Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) party was brought into the Israeli election process.

Otzma Yehudit’s association with Kahanism and its history of violence should permanently preclude its participation in the government of Israel.

As the JCPA correctly stated, Otzma Yehudit’s policies run counter to Israel’s values expressed in its declaration of statehood, which promised to “ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex.”

We also affirm from the JCPA letter our “deep respect for Israel’s democratic traditon and its principled stance against all forms of racism and bigotry. We are unwavering in our solidarity with the nation-state of the Jewish people and the country’s quest for peace and security.”

In closing, we also share the dismay of our friend and teacher Yossi Klein Halevi, whose long-ago association with Meir Kahane makes his criticism of the Prime Minister’s actions all the more poignant.

We are communicating these deep concerns to representatives of Israel’s government.