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Speakers Bureau

We provide free speakers on many topics that help all of us living in a multi-cultural world to understand one another better.

Tailored to your audience and schedule, our speakers build bridges through respectful, open-minded and frank exchanges about difficult topics. This is our community at its best - appreciating one another for both our similarities and our differences.

For over ten years our volunteers have been invited and invited back to hundreds of venues to speak on many topics:

  • "Israel and the Middle East: The Challenge of Peace" covers the Arab-Israeli conflict and why peace has been so elusive.
  • "Judaism On One Foot" quickly covers Jewish beliefs and values and actions that express them -- keeping kosher, observing holidays, lifelong learning, life cycle, social justice, and more.
  • What's on Your Mind? Just ask and we'll address your topic, including Israeli culture, role of women in Judaism, Jewish charitable practice, interactive Seders, and more.

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Donations and referrals are gratefully accepted, but all presentations are free of charge.