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JCRC offers free speakers on Judaism, Israel, antisemitism and the Holocaust

Invite us to your classroom, business, house of worship, or community organization for engaging virtual, in-person, or hybrid presentations on one (or more!) of these topics.

  • Judaism on One Foot: An Introduction to Jewish Peoplehood, Beliefs and Practice
    Who are Jews? What makes Judaism unique among the world’s religions? What does it mean to be both a religion and a people? Interfaith Option: Judaism & Islam, presented by JCRC with partners from the Islamic Resource Group.
  • Living Testimony from the Holocaust
    The Holocaust was the systematic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime, its allies, and collaborators. Our Holocaust education presentations are offered by survivors, second generation or third generation community members who represent their family’s story, sharing their experience during the war and the larger historical context.
  • Israel & Palestine: A Dual Narrative Approach
    Two groups hold competing claims to the land between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea. Explore the narratives of each in a values-based conversation using excerpts from Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor: With an Extensive Epilogue of Palestinian Responses by Yossi Klein Halevi.This presentation challenges participants to find their own voice and come to better understand how pride and empathy can inform conflicts near and far.
  • Antisemitism: Then and Now
    Myths and stereotypes about Jews continue to harm our society. What are the origins of today’s antisemitism and how can we combat it?
  • Amazing Israel: People, Places, and Culture
    Get acquainted with a country brimming with biblical history and cutting-edge innovation, the Jewish homeland that is also a dynamic, multi-ethnic democracy. This tiny land has a huge story to tell.
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